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New builds- When building your new home there are many options for your hot water and cooking. Installing Gas Hot Water in your new home is a great way to ensure you have endless hot water at an extremely cost efficient way of heating it. Benefits also include not wasting precious cupboard space with a hot water cylinder and the ability to locate your hot water close to outlets at different ends of the house. If your thinking about installing gas in your new home get in touch with us today.

Gas hot water

Gas Hot Water

Whether installing Gas Hot Water in a new build, retrofitting Gas Hot Water into your existing home, upgrading or repairing your current system. Canterbury Plumbing and Gas specialise in Gas Hot Water. We install only trusted brands we stand behind and take pride in our installs.

Gas Hot Water is a great way to ensure the entire family gets a hot shower, not only is it a cost effective way to heat your water but its also a great way to gain back that lost space from your hot water cylinder, sometimes allowing for a more versatile kitchen or bathroom space during renovations. We can help you choose a unit that’s right for your home. Different homes have different requirements, so it`s important to install the right gas hot water unit. Our experience supplying and installing gas hot water systems is your advantage.

Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote to install Gas Hot Water in your home today.

Gas hot water.


If you smell gas or have any gas problems, from regulator replacements to gas hot water unit repair or replacements, call Canterbury Plumbing and Gas for a fast and efficient same day service at very competitive rates.

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